Well, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year and we are all wishing and hoping that we’ve been through the worst of it now. But, with the threat of Covid 19 still an ever-present threat, what are we at Early First Aid doing to ensure your health and safety isn’t compromised on one of our courses? 
Hygiene has always been a priority at Early First Aid, not only because I am a self-confessed germaphobe, but also because I appreciate that people absolutely dread the mouth-to-mouth part of the course.  
We use the best equipment (world leading CPR mannequins from Laerdal) and are strict when it comes to following the manufacturers advise on ensuring there is no chance of cross-contamination. Current course guidelines (as set out by the Health and Safety Executive) requires that we have one mannequin per 4 learners. Where possible at Early First Aid, we try to have ratios smaller than that. 
Our mannequins feature a one-way valve, meaning that any breath going in through the mouth and/nose will not come out again. We also ensure the disposable lungs are replaced after each class (this is nothing new – we have always done this). And we provide you each with a CPR face shield to go over the mannequins face before you give mouth-to-mouth. 
We also provide you with PPE during the course and have the following provisions: 
Gloves - whenever handling equipment 
Rooms big enough for people not in the same bubble to be able to socially distance 
Masks – not a requirement if you are socially distanced, but available all the same 
Antibacterial hand gel 
Antibacterial and antiviral wipes to clean down equipment after each use 
A well ventilated room. If the course is in your place of business we will risk assess to ensure you are all safe 
We hope you feel reassured by the precautions we are taking. I know you agree that first aid is such an important to skill to know as well as being a legal requirement in your place of work. Lets not let this virus get in the way of learning these incredibly valuable life saving skills. 
Stay safe 
Sian xx 
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